BioPlus Stands Ready as Your Oncology Partner

Oncology medical practices stay on the cutting edge of the medical world. They simply have to, with the constantly changing landscape of oncology treatments. This is more true than ever as oncologists are treating cancer during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One tool for keeping abreast of the latest information is the NCODA (National Community Oncology Dispensing Association) annual conference. This conference has always been an opportunity for dispensing cancer clinics to improve the delivery of quality and sustainable value to everyone involved in the care of cancer patients receiving oral therapy.

The ‘passion for patient care’ – which is the tagline of NCODA – was certainly on display this year. This year’s conference explored the new challenges faced by oncologists of providing the highest quality in care standards while in the midst of Covid-19.

David DeRemer, PharmD, from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, did not shy away from this topic, as evidenced by the theme of his keynote address at the conference: Changes in Cancer Care: Practicing Pharmacy in the Era of COVID-19.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted patients with cancer in multiple ways,” Dr. DeRemer pointed out in his conference address. Consider the following:

  • Patients with cancer are at a higher risk for Covid-19 infections
  • Cancer patients, when infected, are more likely to experience higher morbidity and mortality
  • The oncology care teams now have the added layer of meeting a double challenge: cancer and Covid-19

Although the adjustments in cancer treatment necessitated by Covid-19 are important. There is another crucial development Dr. DeRemer noted: delays in diagnosis, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy due to this pandemic will create downstream consequences in terms of expected increases in cancer mortality over the next decade. It is more important than ever to communicate the need for cancer screenings and the value of early detection to the general public.

As oncology practices are focused and working hard to continue meeting the needs of their patients, know that BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy stands ready, as always, to be your partner in oncology care delivery.