Covid-19 & Our Furry Friends

Working from home is a new reality for many of us. Which means that most Americans – since 70% of households have pets – now have a cat or a dog as their newest co-worker and officemate. What do you need to know about keeping your pets safe from Covid-19?

The latest information from the CDC is fairly reassuring; albeit while also acknowledging that there are a lot of unknowns right now. There is no evidence that humans are getting Covid-19 from a sick pet. Some coronaviruses, which are a large family of viruses that include Covid-19, can spread among animals and people. Having said that, though, there is no current evidence that pets or other animals are a source of spreading this virus to humans, nor is there evidence that pets could inadvertently carry this infection on their fur as a source of infection to humans.

There is limited evidence from other countries that pets might catch this infection from their human owners. The safest course of action, until we know more, is to treat your pets like you would other human family members. (And honestly, most pet owners already treat their pets like family members, right?) But in this context that means: don’t let your pets interact with humans or animals outside of their household. Just as your kids are not having playdates, neither should your dog. You can continue to walk your dog as exercise for both of you, but maintain the recommended 6 feet distance from other humans and dogs.

Furthermore, if someone in your household gets sick with what may be Covid-19, that person should be isolated from other family members and any pets. And, as always, practice good hygiene and keep washing your hands!

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