Covid-19: Protect Yourself With Science

Covid-19 is a highly contagious, deadly new virus. This creates a lot of fear about this disease. Scientists are working hard to understand Covid-19. There is trustworthy information available about the best ways to prevent and treat Covid-19 infections. But there is also a lot of misleading information that could harm you. It’s important to get information from quality sources.

Trustworthy sources for Covid-19 information include:

As the saying goes: the internet is a mile wide and an inch deep. Protecting you and your loved ones from Covid-19 is not the time to fall for unproven and dangerous snake oil cures. Rely on experts who have devoted their professional careers to scientific research. Trust science.

Social media is a common source of rumors, conspiracy theories, and outright misinformation. A new research study shows that 82% of claims made on social media about Covid-19 are completely false. In other words, most of the information shared on social media by non-scientists is not accurate and could harm you.

The harm is real from misinformation.

More than 800 people died from unfounded claims that drinking a form of alcohol called methanol would cure Covid-19 infections. And just last week, sources close to the President of the United States suggested an extract from the highly toxic plant oleander is a Covid-19 treatment. Medical experts are very concerned that oleander extract will harm and even kill people. The FDA Commissioner has not approved its use – in fact, this plant is listed in the FDA’s Poisonous Plant Database.

As a patient of BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, we urge you to be careful with getting and following legitimate and safe medical advice. Correct and accurate scientific information is what it’s going to take to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wear a mask, stay safe, and remember that we are all in this 2gether.