Find the Missing Millions

July 28th of every year is World Hepatitis Day; this year the theme is “Find the Missing Millions.” This year’s focus is on the 300 million people living with viral hepatitis worldwide who simply don’t know that they have one of these diseases. This is why the July 28, 2018 campaign aims to raise awareness about the high numbers of undiagnosed people, with the hope that more people can access the care they need.

Viral hepatitis encompasses several different forms of hepatitis infection. Hepatitis C continues to garner the lion’s share of attention, especially in light of the hepatitis C treatments now available that can cure almost everyone infected with this form of hepatitis. Without treatment, hepatitis C infections can damage the liver and lead to liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, and necessitate a liver transplant. World Hepatitis Day hopes to connect more patients with the life-saving hepatitis C treatments that are available.

In recent years experts have pushed for all Baby Boomers to get screened for hepatitis C infections, but now that infections are on the rise in young adults (ages 20-29), the appeal for testing is expanding to that demographic group, as well. Currently the hepatitis C virus is killing more Americans than any other infectious disease. We can’t change this alarming statistic until more infected people get diagnosed. Which is why diagnosis is so important; followed, of course, by treatment. There is no doubt that early detection can save lives.

Here at BioPlus we are ready to deliver the hepatitis C cure to patients who need it. Let’s all play our part in helping to find the missing millions.