Get Your Practice Prepped for Flu Season

This upcoming flu season could be more complicated this year by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Telemedicine can help keep medical offices running more smoothly, but you don’t have to prepare alone. BioPlus is offering a free ebook to guide medical offices ramping up virtual visits: Telehealth Today: Expand (or Start!) Your Remote Telemedicine Practice.

Telemedicine offers unique and valuable benefits for continuing to see patients while sidestepping risks for both the patient and office staff. Virtual visits are not appropriate for every appointment or every patient. But the times that telehealth opportunities make sense, it offers a wonderful way to more safely continue the delivery of healthcare.

Telemedicine challenges and obstacles that were present in 2019, seem to be melting away in 2020 – especially as it comes to regulatory changes, technology, and patient acceptance. Now is the time to build your medical office’s systems and protocols, so you’re ready for an anticipated uptick in telemedicine usage.

If your practice is eager for some pointers about navigating the telemedicine world, then look no further than this complimentary BioPlus ebook to provide resources and direction: Telehealth Today: Expand (or Start!) Your Remote Telemedicine Practice.

Remember, you can count on BioPlus in these tough times, and in the better days ahead.