Psoriasis Social Stigma

More than 8 million Americans experience the uncomfortable, chronic skin condition of psoriasis. Psoriasis leads to dry, scaly, and painful patches of skin, typically on the joints, face, neck, trunk, arms, hands, feet, and scalp. Cures remain out of reach, but there are many treatment choices that help manage the dermatological symptoms of psoriasis.

People with psoriasis report that this condition compromises their quality of life. When a group of psychologists and dermatologists took a closer look at societal views of people with psoriasis, they confirmed that there is a deep social stigma associated with this skin condition. In fact, many people admit that they would avoid shaking hands, visiting homes, or dating people with the skin condition of psoriasis. These social stigmas relate to the mistaken – but too common – view that psoriasis could be contagious (it’s not).

It’s unfortunate that myths about the non-contagious condition of psoriasis persist. Patients should know that BioPlus has a wide array of specialty medications available for managing the symptoms of psoriasis. BioPlus cares for psoriasis patients and aims to meet the medication needs of those with psoriasis, which can improve quality of life overall.


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