The Biosimilar Bandwagon

Biosimilars are safe, effective, and affordable alternatives to certain costly brand biologic medicines; they are highly similar to the original licensed biologic therapy.

Biosimilars continue to improve patient outcomes in many difficult diseases, particularly related to cancer, autoimmune conditions, and inflammatory diseases.

Of particular interest is that biosimilar medications present significant cost savings to patients, when appropriate for a patient and their treatment plan. Currently, experts in a recent U.S. Pharmacist article call for greater availability of both generics and biosimilar drug products in the pharmaceutical supply chain as a way to control costs while providing effective treatment.

The saving potential is significant for both payers and patients. “The FDA has promoted their support and advocacy for the regulations that have allowed their approval of biosimilar agents to foster competition in the marketplace, expand treatment options, increase access to patients, and to lower healthcare costs overall. There have been 29 biosimilar approvals since 2015, and the number is expected to increase,” note the experts in U.S. Pharmacist.

There’s never been a better time than now to offer your patients choices of biosimilar medications.

As always, BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy is ready to partner with your office as the ‘fast & easy’ way to get your patients referred for the specialty medications they need, including biosimilars.