2021: Shaping Up as a Strong Year for Specialty

The good news keeps coming for the specialty pharmacy pipeline in 2021. As was mentioned in a blog last month, The Upcoming Specialty Medication Pipeline, about 60% of medications currently under FDA review are accounted for by specialty medications. In addition, many of these are specialty drugs for oncology, hematology, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory diseases, as well as including new biosimilar medications.

In just the first half of 2021, the FDA is already on track to approve more new medications than it did in the previous year. In fact, the FDA recently approved its 29th new medication for 2021.

Of the 29 new drugs approved thus far in 2021, a dozen of the medications fall into the oncology category. This exciting sign of biopharmaceutical innovation could mean real benefits for patients, who will now have more treatment choices.

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