A Time of Thankfulness

At BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy we pride ourselves on working as a team to go the extra mile in our work as a specialty pharmacy. Our mission is to service our patients and work with doctor offices in a way that always makes each interaction both easy and fast. We view ourselves not as simply delivering medications, but also delivering hope and relief.

We don’t do this work at BioPlus in expectation of getting letters of gratitude, but it certainly raises our spirits when we get kudos back from our patients. Recently, a patient was moved to share with me about his experiences with our Patient Financial Coordinator department. This patient faces the heavy burden of the diagnosis of stage 4 metastasized bone cancer. His disease has been kept at bay with an amazing, but costly, medication called Zytiga.

Initially, his Zytiga treatment was funded through a non-profit patient foundation, but after several months that funding ran out. This patient had no means to continue paying for this medication, but that didn’t stop our team from finding a solution. Eventually, the BioPlus team secured additional funding through another grant that entirely covered the patient’s $7,500 copay, or as the patient puts it: “attending me in a magnificent display of humanity” to “save my life.” He closed with this: “Congratulations to you and your company for caring about the lives of others.”

Receiving this letter in November felt like a perfect match for this month, a natural time for reflecting on blessings and sharing gratitude. However, it should also be noted that our amazing financial team does this work every day, all through the year. I like to think of it as our “BioMagic,” sticking with BioPlus patients and finding funding, even in the toughest of cases.