BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Earns #1 Independent Specialty Pharmacy Ranking in Physician Satisfaction Survey

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, a leading independent specialty pharmacy, is proud to announce a #1 ranking in the most recent Specialty Pharmacy Office Staff Satisfaction Survey (second half of 2018) conducted by Zitter Health Insights. BioPlus earned the highest ranking among independent specialty pharmacies, with this top score tied to particularly high marks in oncology practices. 

A core measurement in this survey is the Net Promoter ScoreTM (NPS), which is an index of how likely a physician office is to recommend a particular specialty pharmacy. BioPlus earned the highest ranking of NPS of all independent specialty pharmacies. In fact, BioPlus’ score was double the independent specialty pharmacy average. 

“To see BioPlus rank solidly as #1 of independent specialty pharmacies in this survey is an honor that reflects on the teamwork that happens every day here at BioPlus,” says Stephen Vogt, Pharm.D., CEO of BioPlus. It’s noteworthy that during the timeframe of this survey, the entire specialty pharmacy industry experienced a decrease in satisfaction scores. This makes the 26 point increase for BioPlus in this same time period all the more impressive. “It’s unfortunate to see the specialty pharmacy industry as a whole failing in the eyes of doctors and staff. They don’t want to use our services or recommend specialty pharmacies to their family and friends – there’s nothing special about that! While I am proud of our specialty pharmacy and how positively it’s viewed by medical offices, the industry as a whole should take heed of the overall falling numbers,” Dr. Vogt explains. 

According to survey results, BioPlus’ high rankings were supported by an appreciation by physician offices for benefit verification completion within just one day, excellent customer service, and an efficient prior authorization process. “This survey revealed that navigation of the insurance process and support with the increasing financial burden experienced by families needing specialty medications are real ‘pain points’ for doctors and staff caring for patients – which is why BioPlus works hard to ease the path with these kinds of issues,” shares Dr. Vogt. 

The RxExpressTM program at BioPlus makes BioPlus faster than most other pharmacies. The RxExpress process begins with a 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee which ensures notification to physician offices in less than two hours whether a referred patient is accepted for treatment. After that, prescriptions move to the 2-Day Ready 2 Ship process and throughout this process, the patient financial assistance department helps ensure that financial issues don’t stand in the way of patient treatment. In 2018, our financial assistance department connected patients with $33 million in patient assistance, in the form of grants, co-pay assistance, and donations. 

The Zitter Health Insights 2018 Specialty Pharmacy Office Staff Satisfaction Survey covers the time period of the second half of 2018 and was based on office personnel from physician offices, including physicians, registered nurses, office managers, and administrative assistants.