Millions of Patients on Specialty Medications Now Have Better Access to Pharma and Biopharma Sponsored Assistance and Services

D2 Solutions and BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy launch UltraTouch™ network to improve the patient experience.

D2 Solutions, a leading health care consultancy and
technology provider, announced today that BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, the first and only specialty pharmacy
to offer patients and providers the ‘fast and easy’ Power of 2 promise, is a member of the D2 UltraTouch™

The goal of the UltraTouch network is to drive faster, easier and better consumer experiences for patients who depend on specialty medications. This innovative network of high-performing, technology-driven pharmacies is built to expand affordable and sustainable patient access to specialty medications through pharma and biopharma manufacturer-sponsored enrollment, support and assistance programs. UltraTouch makes it possible
for patients to get personalized, emotionally connected experiences similar to what they expect from their favorite consumer-centric brands.

“We live in an environment where patients, as consumers, expect the same immediate response environment as they experience in other consumer interactions,” explains David Suchanek, D2’s Executive Vice President of BioTech, Specialty, and Technology. “The development of the D2 UltraTouch™ network is in direct response to manufacturer and specialty pharmacy input and feedback on the challenges of patient enrollment for
manufacturer patient service and assistance programs for targeted specialty medications.”

“Supporting our longstanding ‘fast and easy’ promise to patients, we believe our partnership in the D2 UltraTouch™ network will place simpler, sustainable and personalized specialty medication experiences into the hands of millions of patients,” says Mark Montgomery, CEO and President of BioPlus. “The more we
transform the traditional patient journey into a connected consumer experience, the more lives we enrich. UltraTouch is key to that transformation.”

“The combination of QR code enrollment and digital patient engagement technology enables UltraTouch™ network pharmacies to support patients with unique convenience and personalization that perfectly meets the demands of the specialty medication management process,” says Kirby Eng, D2 Vice President of Digital Solutions Business Development.

Adds Mr. Suchanek, “Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers seek a consistent high-quality experience for patients enrolled in their patient service and assistance programs, and our UltraTouch™ network provides exactly that. D2 will continue to provide enhanced consulting and ongoing technology services that meet the constantly evolving demands of our clients.”