Every Company Has a Founder’s Story: BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy’s Starts with Patient Care

The company that would eventually become BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy was founded more than three decades ago, on March 13, 1989, by Stephen Vogt, Pharm.D. At the time, Dr. Vogt was practicing as a clinical pharmacist in metabolic support at a Florida Hospital. He had recently completed a post-doctoral residency in the specialty of Metabolic Support to become one of the first pharmacists recognized as a Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacist.  

As Dr. Vogt cared for his patients requiring Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) – that is, people being fed only through an IV – he witnessed the difficulties of this necessary treatment and knew there had to be a better way for his patients. Home treatment would greatly improve his patients’ quality of life, but no company at the time provided this option. 

This realization and commitment to patient care resulted in Dr. Vogt founding the first home infusion pharmacy in Florida (called InfusionCare) so patients could have a better quality of life. With this novel concept of local intravenous homecare pharmacies, he transformed the then-standard treatment protocols by transitioning the care and service sites to a home-based setting. Over time, Dr. Vogt built this patient-centered idea into a company with 38 centers nationwide.  

The next evolution of Dr. Vogt’s company and commitment to improving patient care came in the mid-1990s. Again, Dr. Vogt saw the need for a different type of pharmacy that would better serve patients. His goal was to create a new model of specialty pharmacy care: one that goes beyond simply dispensing medicines. He was determined to give patients the best possible therapy outcomes by setting up individual pharmaceutical treatment plans for each patient under his care. 

After expanding across the country and extending its service offerings, the company changed its name to the one it has today: BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy. BioPlus was the first (and is still the only) specialty pharmacy with a 2 Hour guaranteed turnaround from referral to patient acceptance, backed by its 2 Day Ready 2 Ship, and 2 Click refill promise. Dr. Vogt’s lifelong deep commitment to community care is evidenced by the many charity relationships BioPlus has engaged in over the decades, including a recent 2gether program that means better treatment access through partnerships with nonprofit foundations and donations to OneWorld Health

Dr. Vogt built this specialty pharmacy on a foundation of values that go by the acronym CART. These core values are: Competence, Accountability, Respect, and Trust. More than wall art, these guiding principles shape every aspect of the company.   

In time, BioPlus became the #1 independent specialty pharmacy in the country. This commitment to excellence and adapting to the changing needs of patients, providers, payers, and pharma has resulted in numerous achievements and accolades over the years. BioPlus was named one of the best online pharmacies for 2020 by Money.com, has earned a 4.8 rating on Google, is accredited by URAC, VIPPS, and ACHC with a Distinction in Oncology, and has ranked as one of the Top 100 Best Workplace in Central Florida for several years running. 

Although Dr. Vogt has retired from day-to-day duties at BioPlus, his compassion and commitment to patient care continues to be at the heart of BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy.