Get Faster Starts for Your Patients!

Determining a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan of care for your patients might sound like the final puzzle piece in treating your patients’ health problems. But, in some ways, deciding on a treatment plan can represent the beginning of a patient’s treatment journey. Several roadblocks can crop up for patients as they aim to start the therapy you prescribed; many of which are related to payer requirements and patient financial challenges.

Did you know that submitting your treatment plan through a referral form offers a way to sidestep potential delays in patient treatment?

Specialty pharmacy referral forms allow you to submit your e-script and initiate the treatment process, which can be particularly helpful when it comes to the unique requirements for specialty pharmacy medications. The referral form provides detailed instructions on what information is needed, which can save time down the road and shorten the time to therapy starts for your patients.

Referral forms generally include:

  • Patient consent
  • Patient demographics
  • Diagnosis
  • Payer information
  • Healthcare prescriber information

For even better results for your patients, consider submitting specialty medication prescriptions as e-scripts. E-scripts offer numerous benefits:

  • Better first fill rates
  • Improved patient adherence
  • Accelerated benefit investigations
  • PA processing without the need for paper applications and back-and-forth
  • Enhanced patient safety
  • Better prescription accuracy
  • More efficient communications between your office and your specialty pharmacy

In addition, e-scripts and referral forms can streamline financial assistance from outside resources which could certainly do well by your patients. Looking back over the past year, BioPlus patients benefited from an average of $8,000 in patient assistance from outside resources.

Check out the referral forms at BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy to get your patients fast patient starts!