Open Doors With the Right Specialty Pharmacy Partner

Challenges and road blocks can pop up on the path between a healthcare provider writing a specialty pharmacy prescription and a patient actually getting (and starting/continuing) treatment. Identifying and overcoming these patient access barriers is essential for the best outcomes for patients, especially for patients facing complex or chronic conditions.

Patient access barriers come in a variety of forms, but no matter the challenge, having the right specialty pharmacy partner on your side makes a world of difference. Healthcare providers can count on the right specialty pharmacy to help with challenges such as:

  • Burdensome paperwork. When you choose a specialty pharmacy such as BioPlus, with a dedicated team to support the paperwork process, everything goes more smoothly.
  • Financial assistance. High-cost medications and burdensome patient portions of medication cost can interfere with treatment access for patients. The financial assistance department at BioPlus assists and supports patients with ways to connect with financial resources, helping patients access foundation grants and co-pay assistance programs.
  • Patient adherence challenges. By definition, medications from a specialty pharmacy can be more complex to take and come with the potential of side effects. A specialty pharmacy such as BioPlus understands this and has created Patient Medication Journeys for situations that benefit from a bit more hand-holding. We communicate with patients (by text or email, as they prefer) with messages to on-board them and keep them informed and educated. There are specific journeys for medications which call for even more support and engagement.

You always have a partner in the process, with BioPlus. See for yourself what it’s like to experience fewer hassles, less administrative burden, and get back more time for patient care.