National Psoriasis Awareness Month

Endless sunny summer days can bring a measure of symptom relief to those with psoriasis. It’s fitting, then, that the month of August coincides with National Psoriasis Awareness Month.

Did you know that as little as 30 minutes of sun exposure each day can ease psoriasis skin symptoms? It’s certainly not a cure-all. Most people with psoriasis will still require at least some type of medication treatment.

Aside from numerous over-the-counter and topical remedies, there are many prescription options available for the 8+ million Americans with psoriasis. Prescribed choices for oral or injection treatment of psoriasis include:

  • Apremilast
  • Retinoids
  • Methotrexate
  • Cyclosporine
  • Hydroxyurea
  • Immunomodulating injectables: Remicade, Cosentyx, Taltz, Siliq, Skyrizi, Otezla, Humira, Stelara, Enbrel

Although there is no cure for psoriasis, some patients are able to achieve long-term remission. Let BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy be your partner in helping your patients get the best possible outcomes.

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