Tick, Tock. Time Matters in Oncology Treatment Starts

The time it takes from a cancer diagnosis to first treatment can make all the difference in a patient’s outcome. It even has a name: time to treatment initiation (TTI). Current research indicates that TTI is on the rise in the U.S. In fact, it has increased by 38% during a recent 9-year period tracked by oncology researchers.

This is a concern since TTI for patients newly diagnosed with cancer correlates with outcomes, in terms of both survival and quality of life. In other words, when patients are able to start their medications faster, it’s possible to add precious time and quality to their lives.

Delays in TTI, according to an analysis of a large patient population tracked by the National Cancer Database, uncovered the fact that each additional week of time to treatment initiation matches with an increase of mortality ranging from 1.2-3.2% per week for early-stage breast, lung, renal, and pancreatic cancers, and 0.5% per week for colorectal cancer. In addition, longer wait times to treatment initiation affected long-term survival for any cancer, as measured by 5-year and 10-year survival rates.

Given this context, BioPlus has invested in the systems and processes needed to shorten the TTI for our patients. In fact, BioPlus is the only specialty pharmacy to guarantee that the oncology medication capecitabine is ready to ship to patients within 24 hours of receiving a complete physician referral (excluding weekends).

Count on BioPlus as your partner who understands that timely care is critical, especially in oncology. Refer your patients today for ‘hope delivered in 24 hours.’