Real stories from the people shaping oncology care.

Working in Oncology is a podcast and video show that spotlights oncology practice staff and industry influencers sharing their stories, challenges, and advice. From nurses to practice managers and medical assistants to patient navigators, each guest discusses topics all across the spectrum of life and working in oncology.

Topics include counseling patients and their families, promoting clinical best practices, managing stress, and leaving work at work. Sharing this knowledge and inspiration gives the oncology community more opportunities to grow.

Latest Episodes

The Oncologist Using His Online Presence to Unpack the Pandemic w/ Dr. David Aboulafia

In this episode, we talk to Dr. David Aboulafia about how he is using his blog to share and discuss COVID-19.

Navigating COVID-related Surgical Delays for Oncology Patients w/ Joshua Shaw

In this episode, we talk about how COVID-19 has affected Oncology care with Dr. Josua Shaw.

Drug Development: How Do We Choose Which Unmet Needs Get Treated? w/ Jeff Bockman

In this episode, we talk about what ( and who) drives the oncology treatment development process with Jeff Bockman, PH.D.

What It Really Looks Like to Put Patients at the Center of the Care Model w/ Sherin Al-Safadi

In this episode, we talk about centering patient needs (clinical and non-clinical) in the oncology treatment development process with Sherin Al-Safadi.

Using Expanded Access & “Right to Try” for Experimental Drugs w/ Ajeet Gajra

In this episode, we talk about pathways to obtaining access to experimental drugs for your patients with Dr. Ajeet Gajra.

The Oncology Sales Ecosystem: How It Works & How It’s Changing with Richard Stein

In this episode, we talk about navigating the many industry representatives who may visit your oncology office with sales veteran Richard Stein.

Clinical Trials and the Patient Experience with Thomas Marron

In this episode, we talk about clinical trials and improving the patient's experience with Dr. Thomas Merron Director of Early Phase Trials Unit at the Tisch Cancer Institutee.

A Nonprofit Making Incredible Strides to Raise Survivorship in Nigeria

In this episode, we talk cancer policy advocacy and creating a cancer survivorship culture where non exists with Runcie C.W. Chidebe of Project Pink Blue.

How to Use Social Media to Take Back the Narrative of Health

In this episode, we discuss adding social media to your healthcare communications playbook with Dr. Don S. Dizon of Brown University.

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