Real stories from the people shaping oncology care.

Working in Oncology is a podcast and video show that spotlights oncology practice staff and industry influencers sharing their stories, challenges, and advice. From nurses to practice managers and medical assistants to patient navigators, each guest discusses topics all across the spectrum of life and working in oncology.

Topics include counseling patients and their families, promoting clinical best practices, managing stress, and leaving work at work. Sharing this knowledge and inspiration gives the oncology community more opportunities to grow.

Latest Episodes

The Quest to Standardize Oral Chemotherapy Care with Julianne Darling

In this episode, we discuss optimizing oral chemotherapy education for patients with Dr. Julianne Darling Manager of Clinical Initiatives at NCODA.

Career Planning in Healthcare With Dr. Joy Parchment

Ep 06 In this episode, we talk about career planning with Dr. Joy Parchment.

Oncology Worker & Cancer Survivor: Both Sides of the Fence with Lisa Carey

Working in oncology changes one's perspective completely when the caregiver also becomes the patient. In this episode we interview Lisa Casey at Broome Oncology, who says her experience has had a profound effect on her patient advocacy.

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish in Healthcare

In this episode, we talk about burnout and how to incorporate mindset training to bring our best selves to the workplace with Dr. Darin Davidson.

From Treating Individual Patients to Prostate Cancer Awareness

Dr. Benjamin Lowentritt discusses prostate cancer treatment, advocacy, and teaming up with ZERO, a national nonprofit whose mission is to end prostate cancer.

We Innovate Constantly in Healthcare ... But Don't Take Any Credit

We talk healthcare innovation with Dr. Bonnie Clipper and the unheralded role that nurses play as innovators to improve patient outcomes.

The Biggest Problem for Patients Is … Access

Allie Anders, a dispensary manager from a North Carolina oncology practice, identifies the challenges her patients face on several fronts, including insurance and Covid-19.

Introducing Working in Oncology: Stories, Challenges, and Advice from the Inside

In our first episode, we introduce our two hosts from BioPlus and discuss what to expect in coming episodes from this first-of-its-kind podcast & video show.

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