4 Reasons Why Your Transplant Team Needs a Specialty Pharmacist

When it comes to organ transplantation, it’s a good idea to have a specialty pharmacist on your team. This is particularly true as organ transplants from hepatitis C virus (HCV)-positive donors to HCV-negative recipients are becoming a more common occurrence.

As a key player of the transplant care team, specialty pharmacies provide key insight in these four areas:

  1. Determination of medications
  2. Managing medication interactions
  3. Insurance approval and financial assistance for getting medications to patients
  4. Ongoing patient education

As one example of the current transplant situation: back in 2015, only 11 transplant centers utilized HCV-infected kidneys, but today there are at least 39 transplant centers doing this. This means that more transplant patients than ever before will need help navigating the distinctive challenges of HCV-infected organs.

Communication with the rest of the transplant care team – as well as communication with the transplant patient – are core elements of long-term optimal health outcomes.

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy offers the unique dual expertise of working in the HCV space for decades, as well as with transplantation.