Paving the Way for Prior Authorizations

The road from diagnosis to treatment might contain a few unavoidable twists and turns for your patients, but it shouldn’t have outright roadblocks. Your patients with complex or chronic medical conditions deserve a smoother journey as they access essential specialty medications.

A key area of frustration for medical offices is the time needed to navigate the prior authorization process, especially if there’s a PA rejection, according to a recent survey of more than 400 nurses.

However, it’s not just an issue about finding enough time in the day to process paperwork; dealing with PAs also creates unnecessary costs for the entire system. Research shows that PAs account for a significant amount of healthcare administrative spending.

Making the PA process less arduous can ease this administrative burden – and this is precisely what BioPlus aims to do for the medical offices and patients we serve. Streamlining the path for getting specialty medications from the prescription pad to the patient’s door is what we call our Power of 2 promise.

It begins with our fast response through the 2 Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee, followed by having a patient’s medication ready to ship in just two days. When it’s time for refills, patients (of qualifying prescriptions) love how easy ‘2 Click’ makes it.

Your patients already have so much on their plate, let us be their partner for a ‘fast and easy’ specialty pharmacy experience.

Refer your patients to BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy.