BioPlus Nurses are Superheroes!

Nursing team at BioPlus each dressed in superhero costumes.

Nurses have stepped up for their community these past couple of years, more than ever before. For that, there can never be enough gratitude for a job well done. Being that it’s National Nurses Week and Oncology Nursing Month, this feels like the perfect time to recognize the hard work of registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and LPNs, too!

Here at BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, we see the hard work of nursing staff, and we aim to remove barriers as you provide care for your patients. In fact, we have developed an entire care model known as the Power of 2, based on streamlining the steps for getting specialty medications from treatment plan at your office all the way to your patient’s door.

BioPlus understands how important it is to remove barriers faced by medical staff so that patients can get on the fast & easy path to start therapy. If you’re looking for a smoother path for you and your patients, refer to BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy today.