The PA Burden is Real

Medical staff searching through file cabinet of patient paperwork

Prescriber offices are up to their eyeballs in paperwork, particularly when it comes to the prior authorization (PA) process. The situation seems to be getting worse.

According to a recent survey from the Medical Group Management Association, nearly 8 in 10 medical practices report that prior authorization requirements have increased over the past year. What this means for practices is more staff time bogged down in prior authorization paperwork and delays in PA can mean delays in care for patients.  

Moreover, 91% of the medical practices in this survey noted that their overall regulatory burden had gone up in the past year, while almost all added that an easing of red tape would benefit patient care.

Another survey of medical practices, this one by the American Medical Association, similarly reports that prior authorization needs have increased over the past few years. In fact, 65% of prescribers expressed difficulty in determining which prescriptions require a PA. While nearly 9 in 10 prescribers reported that the PA process can sometimes interfere with patient care continuity.  

This is where BioPlus as your specialty pharmacy partner can add value. Specialty pharmacy medications (such as biologics) are particularly likely to require a prior authorization. Our team provides skillful support in navigating the prior authorization process. It’s part of our ‘Power of 2’ promise that streamlines the path for getting specialty medications from the prescription pad to the patient’s door.

BioPlus understands how important it is to remove barriers faced by medical staff so that patients can start therapy. We make it our priority to get quick prior authorizations and (if needed) fast appeals for patients and their physicians. If you’re looking for a smoother path for you and your patients, refer to BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy.