From Patient to Prescription: Nurses Hold the Key

Nurses play a key role at the ‘point of prescribing’ for specialty medications, where they can be instrumental in navigating choppy waters for patients.

Patients can face a variety of hurdles in the process of starting medication treatment for complex or chronic conditions, according to a recent survey of more than 400 nurses that focused on getting patients started on necessary medications. 

  • Conduit of information: A majority of nurses report being the ones responsible for compiling and transferring patient information back to prescribers, particularly in regards to:
    • Prior authorization requirements
    • Patient medication history
    • Plan formulary details
  • Medication research: It’s not uncommon for nurses to spend time researching the formularies of different health plans, to smooth the way for a patient to get approved for medication treatment.
  • PA headaches: Nurses in the survey expressed frustration with the time needed to complete prior authorizations, both within the prescriber office and between the offices of the prescriber and a specialty pharmacy.

Power of 2 Promise

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