BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Unveils “Hope Delivered in 24 Hours” for Oncology Patients

Nationwide specialty pharmacy commits to accelerated delivery of generic oncology medication, capecitabine; brings hope and faster time to treatment for patients, including those with metastatic colon or breast cancers.

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, a CarepathRx company and the leading independent specialty pharmacy in the United States, today announced that capecitabine, a generic oncology medication, is ready to ship to patients within 24 hours of receiving a complete physician referral.

BioPlus is the only specialty pharmacy to guarantee that capecitabine is ready to ship in 24 hours. Until now, no other pharmacy has ever eliminated the excess waiting period — the time from diagnosis to starting therapy — that oncology patients have historically experienced when prescribed treatment.

“When patients have been diagnosed with cancer but have to wait long periods to begin treatment, their clinical outcomes and emotional burdens are impacted in ways that should be avoidable,” explained Angie Houck, Senior Vice President of Sales Operations at BioPlus. “This is why our specialty pharmacy has invested in the systems and processes needed to have their capecitabine ready to ship in 24 hours. With our enhanced operational process, we reduce wait time and stress for patients and their providers.”

Clinical Studies Show That Time Matters When Initiating Treatment
Numerous studies indicate that timely access to cancer treatment can make a significant difference for patients. Time to treatment initiation (meaning the length of time from diagnosis to first treatment) in patients newly diagnosed with cancer correlates with outcomes, in terms of both survival and quality of life.

“Time matters. When patients start their medications faster, it’s possible to add precious time and quality to their lives,” added Houck.

Delays in time to treatment initiation, according to an analysis of a large patient population tracked by the National Cancer Database, found that each additional week of time to treatment initiation is associated with an increase of mortality ranging from 1.2-3.2% per week for early-stage breast, lung, renal, and pancreatic cancers, and 0.5% per week for colorectal cancer.

Similarly, in other research, longer wait times to treatment initiation affected long-term survival for any cancer, as measured by 5-year and 10-year survival rates.

“BioPlus knows that timely care is critical, especially in oncology. Keeping things moving through the steps from diagnosis to prescription fulfillment is why we are committed to being faster than other pharmacies,” said Mark Montgomery, CEO and President of BioPlus. “This is the heart of our 2 Hour, 2 Day, 2 Click promises. And, for capecitabine, think of it as hope delivered in 24 hours.”

Fast Capecitabine Therapy Initiation Begins with the Power of 2
The oncology patient’s medication journey begins with a long-standing program at BioPlus that serves all patients: the 2 Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee™ ensuring notification to physician offices in less than two hours whether a referred patient is accepted for treatment or not.

BioPlus’ patient financial assistance department helps ensure that financial issues don’t delay or interrupt patient treatment. In addition, it takes patients with qualifying BioPlus prescriptions only two clicks to refill online.

When time matters, referring a capecitabine prescription to BioPlus means that patients’ medications are guaranteed to be ready-to-ship within 24 hours of the pharmacy receiving the complete referral (excluding weekends).

About BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy

Meet the only independent, national specialty pharmacy to back up ‘fast & easy’ with the Power of 2. BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy offers a 2 Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee™ so physician offices quickly know whether a referred patient is accepted for treatment. Once accepted, the prescriptions are on their way with our 2 Day Ready 2 Ship™. Medication refills are an easy 2 clicks away for qualifying prescriptions.

Ranked #1 by both patients and prescribers, BioPlus provides a complete range of specialty pharmacy services for cancer, multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C, and other complex, chronic conditions. BioPlus also offers concierge-class infusion services and expertise.

For every referral received, BioPlus provides a life-saving antibiotic through our partnership with OneWorld Health. It’s part of our global vision to heal the world 2gether, helping to ensure patients across town and around the world have access to lifesaving and life-sustaining medications.

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