BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Wins Gold Again

2022 Aster Awards Gold Winner

Healthcare is all about relationships. Whether patients and providers are near or far, the best route to relationships is built on good and honest storytelling. The ability to empathize and personalize healthcare messages to audiences makes all the difference between passively observing a message and participating in meaningful engagement that changes lives for the better. 


BioPlus’ patients and providers have long enjoyed enhanced specialty pharmacy outcomes through meaningful, engaging storytelling. And, for the second year in a row, the Aster Awards committee, the U.S. authority on high-quality healthcare advertising and engagement media, noticed.


“Hope Delivered,” the capecitabine 24-hour delivery promise direct mail campaign, truly “delivered.” Providers were lit up with hope and a path to making therapy promises a reality.


These stories inspired the Aster Award committee to again award BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy with the 2022 gold-level accolade for excellence in healthcare marketing in the direct mail campaign category for the medical/physician practice group.


The Aster Awards is one of the largest and most respected national/international competitions of its kind. This elite program has recognized outstanding healthcare professionals for excellence in their advertising and marketing efforts for over 20 years. 


“Many agencies and organizations continued to step up and offered incredible communications that were both informative and creative, … Our hats off to everyone for amazing entries,” said Melinda Lucas, Aster Awards Program Coordinator. 


The 2022 Aster Awards received entries from across the entire U.S., as well as abroad. All entries were reviewed by a diverse panel of industry experts, who judged groups of similarly sized organizations to determine winning entries in this national healthcare marketing competition.  


BioPlus earned a gold level award, which represents being in the top 5% for advertising excellence. Judging criteria included creativity, layout and design, functionality, message effectiveness, production quality, and overall appeal and execution.  


How did we get the award for the second year in a row? The answer is simple. BioPlus has achieved a rare dynamic in corporate marketing: we have cultivated a deep synergy between our internal marketing team and our external marketing agency. Together, we share a common passion for the BioPlus mission. Through this partnership, we have been able to continually create, communicate, and deliver meaningful value to all of our stakeholders---transforming the curious into lifelong customers.


Thanks to our marketing teams, we won the gold again!