BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Scales on AWS to Better Support Patients and Healthcare Providers

Building on AWS helps further drive the company’s ‘fast & easy’ promise 

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy (BioPlus), the leading independent specialty pharmacy in the United States today announced that it has scaled its business with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The initiative allows the company to gain greater scalability, security, and speed for its patients and healthcare provider customers who benefit from its ‘fast & easy’ specialty pharmacy services.

BioPlus began the strategic collaboration with Amazon AWS in December 2020 to modernize its systems and support the company’s accelerated growth while reducing operational costs of infrastructure

“By using AWS as our cloud-based services platform, healthcare providers will benefit from improved speed, system performance, reliability, and added capacity when we need it. This will lead to faster service levels and improved outcomes for our patients,” said Fred Gagle, Vice President of Technology and Chief Security Officer at BioPlus. “We no longer have to play catch-up which allows us to invest more in automation and innovation. The ability to scale quickly to match the growth of our company is a critical step for us.”  

The AWS collaboration aligns with BioPlus’ commitment to providing fast and easy specialty pharmacy services — a service level that its patients and healthcare providers have grown to expect. For 30 years, BioPlus has woven innovative technology practices into its operations to deliver its 2 Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee, 2 Day Ready to Ship, and 2 Click refills.  

“Security and compliance were at the forefront of our selection process, and AWS checked all the boxes. We are able to leverage the security and compliant platform of AWS which allows us to keep up with the ever-changing regulatory and compliance requirements in the healthcare industry,” added Gagle.  

“Our decision to move to a cloud-based platform will support the continuous deployment of innovative digital solutions for patients and healthcare providers. But none of that would be possible without finding the right strategic partner who understands all the technology and business needs of BioPlus – and we found that in AWS. Today, we are thrilled to see the culmination of these joint efforts which will serve to further strengthen BioPlus’ specialty pharmacy service,” said Elvin Montanez, Pharm.D., Chief Operations Officer at BioPlus.  “Healthcare organizations are building the future of health with AWS. 

By relying on the breadth and depth of AWS capabilities, BioPlus is able to increase their pace of innovation to better serve providers and help build a more responsive healthcare ecosystem for patients,” noted Lita Sands, Head of Global Life Sciences Business Development at Amazon Web Services, Inc.