‘Check Your Meds’ Day

National Check Your Meds Day is coming up; it occurs annually on October 21st.

Each year when this educational day comes around, anyone who uses medications (both prescribed and over-the-counter) is encouraged to check on expiration dates of their medications at home. It’s a timely reminder for this important medication assessment, so that expired medications can be removed and properly disposed. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration offers information about the safe disposal of unused and expired medications.

Going further, it’s also a good opportunity for patients to check in with their physician during an upcoming visit to review medications. This review can include making sure all the prescribed medications are still needed in a patient’s complete medication list (OTC and prescriptions).

Additionally, switching to generic versions of brand-name medications (when appropriate for a patient) would be a great cost-saving opportunity during any medication review.

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy staff are always happy to answer patient questions about their medications!