Patients Now Have ‘Fast and Easy’ Access to More Generic Oncology Medications

Title says: Now all oncology medications ready to ship in 24 hours. Image shows retro rocket ship and happy BioPlus boxes parachuting down.

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy today announces the expansion of its ‘Hope Delivered in 24 Hours’ program. The program ensures that all formulary generic oncology medications are ready to ship to patients within 24 hours of receiving a complete physician referral.

BioPlus is the only specialty pharmacy to have generic oncology medications ready to ship to patients in just one day. The program launched earlier this year with single day processing for the medication capecitabine. Now, the program expands to guarantee a quick turnaround for all of the most commonly prescribed generic oncology medications. This includes abiraterone, bexarotene, capecitabine, deferasirox, erlotinib, everolimus, imatinib, nilutamide, sunitinib, temozolomide, and other oncology generics.

24-hour ‘Ready to Ship’: An Industry First From the Industry Leader
BioPlus was the first specialty pharmacy to shorten the excessive wait times oncology patients often experience between diagnosis and starting therapy. Through the company’s capecitabine program, prescribing office staff could make their jobs easier, reduce the stress associated with patient therapy access delays, and enhance their overall patient experiences. After achieving these positive outcomes, BioPlus expanded this delivery guarantee across all generic oncology medications.

“Office staff experience a lot of stress with trying to get patients their medications as quickly as possible,” explained Angie Houck, Senior Vice President of Sales Operations at BioPlus. “We want to help eliminate this stress so they can focus on patient care. We continue to optimize our processes so we can deliver hope and life-saving medications in record time.”

‘Hope Delivered’ Through the Power of 2
All BioPlus oncology patients embark on their medication journeys with the company’s Power of 2 promise. It all starts with the BioPlus 2 Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee™, where physicians’ offices are notified in less than two hours whether a referred patient is accepted for treatment or not.

And, because time matters most for cancer patients, referring a generic oncology prescription to BioPlus means that patients’ medications are guaranteed ready to ship within 24 hours of the pharmacy receiving the complete referral (excluding weekends). Then, patients can securely refill their medications online – faster and easier – with only 2 clicks.

“Timely treatment means better outcomes. Better outcomes result in less-stressed office staff and patients,” added Mark Montgomery, CEO and President of BioPlus. “That’s why we’re committed to being faster than other specialty pharmacies. It’s the heart of our Power of 2 promise and our commitment to delivering hope in 24 hours.”

Physicians’ offices: You can ‘Deliver Hope in 24 Hours.’ Simply access referral forms, and more, here.

Patients: ask your doctor if BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy is right for you.