COVID-19 Update

BioPlus and You: Working Together in the COVID-19 Crisis

You can count on BioPlus to continue to do our best and keep you informed throughout this COVID-19 crisis. In fact, when it comes to their specialty medications; that is one thing patients do not need to worry about. Patient access to specialty medications served by BioPlus is safe. We will deliver on our commitment to providers and patients.

BioPlus has successfully maintained our specialty pharmacy service through many emergency and crisis events in our 30 year history. Although this COVID-19 virus is new, the planning and preparation are the same at BioPlus:

  1. We maintain multiple sites which can dispense medications.
  2. We have stocked up on extra medication, in case of supply chain delays.
  3. We are contacting insurance companies to get permission, when needed, to dispense 60-day supplies during this critical period.
  4. We have taken extraordinary efforts to keep our environment and employees safe.

You can count on BioPlus in these tough times, and in the better days ahead.