Patients, Not Charts

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy runs our specialty pharmacy with a personal touch. It’s a perk that the physician offices who choose us particularly appreciate. Recently, one of our Gastroenterology offices praised our extra effort, which helps illustrate BioPlus’ unique way of doing business.

Here’s what happened:

One of the providers in this office was already exclusively using BioPlus; but another provider – after hearing positive chatter about our services – reached out to connect with our specialty pharmacy, as well. This provider’s medical assistant was new to processing hepatitis C referrals, so our team provided her education about the disease process, clinical testing, products on the market, and what needed to be submitted with each referral – all of which was based on BioPlus’ easy-to-use HCV checklist.

Shortly after this educational support, a unique patient situation popped up at the practice. This wasn’t just any patient, it was a patient who the office knew was a long shot for getting approved by their insurance carrier for treatment, mostly due to the patient’s history of IV drug abuse and alcoholism.

It can be easy to just see numbers on a chart and lose sight of the fact that every chart actually represents a patient, a person. This physician office knows that… and so does BioPlus.

For the next part of the story, let’s hear straight from the physician’s office:

“At the prior two appointments before BioPlus stepped in, this patient was no longer showing up unkempt. Instead he was well-groomed, clean shaven, and wearing a tucked in, button down shirt. The pride in this man’s face over turning his life around was undeniable. Later, when I reached him to share the good news that the Prior Authorization was approved and he could get treatment, he was at the office the next day and was just beaming.”

We love playing a part in getting patients treatment, especially when it takes a little extra. We’re here and ready to help your patients, too! Here’s one way to reach out: