BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Ensures Continuity of Care Ahead of Dorian

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, one of the nation’s leading innovative specialty pharmacies, passes along the following update about pharmacy operations in advance of the coming storm.

We know you are closely watching the weather reports on Hurricane Dorian and the potential impact to Florida, Georgia, and the east coast. This short message is to let you know what BioPlus has done and is doing to protect the medicine of your patients during this difficult time.

Earlier this week, we used parcel management technology and weather tracking models to analyze the geographical areas that might be affected by the hurricane.

We were able to identify which patients and medication packages might be at risk for disruption based on zip codes. We contacted those patients to arrange early shipments and ensure that they had enough medication on hand to pass the storm.

Our emergency preparedness team is on high alert and ready to work through any potential post-storm scenarios. Our systems will remain functional and we will have a pharmacist on call at all times.

We have taken many steps to ensure your patients and their medication shipments are protected and will continue to move through our system.

Please note our corporate office will be closed on Tuesday, September 3rd. We will reopen and return to full operations as soon as employee safety can be ensured.