Reframing Happiness

What does happiness mean to you as a healthcare provider? 2020 has certainly been a challenging year for healthcare, with rising levels of professional burnout and unprecedented drops in happiness seen across the board.

It may be useful to re-frame the idea of happiness by using the ancient Greek definition. Happiness, in this context, means the full use of your powers along lines of excellence. Notably, this doesn’t mean that you have the power to cure each patient or magically make every hurdle disappear – but it does mean that you apply the skills you have with intention.

Without setting out to follow this ancient Greek view of happiness, it turns out that BioPlus ended up at the same destination. Going back to our company’s founding in 1989, BioPlus has followed a set of core values known as our CART values. These stand for Competence, Accountability, Respect, and Trust.

CART turns out to be another way to express the Greek idea that satisfaction comes from the full use of our powers along lines of excellence. When BioPlus focuses our full power on excellence, you and your patients benefit (and, indirectly, our team experiences greater satisfaction).

To read more about the connection between happiness and patient satisfaction in your healthcare practice: click here to get your free copy of BioPlus’ eBook “Cultivating Satisfaction Across the Specialty Pharmacy Continuum: The 5 Step Framework for Maintaining Nurse, Provider & Patient Happiness.”