A Pharmacist’s Heart

Pharmacists, today is your day!

January 12, 2021 is National Pharmacist Day and it’s clear how much we all have to be thankful for when it comes to the amazing Doctors of Pharmacy who care for the patients at BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy.

Each year, pharmacists rank among the most highly trusted occupations in terms of honesty and ethical standards, according to national polls. Yet, even among a field of quality individuals, BioPlus’ specialty pharmacists raise the bar.

Clearly, this trust is not misplaced. As our own Dr. Nick Maroulis, who manages the entire pharmacy at BioPlus, explains: “As pharmacists, we are committed to healing with every decision we make in the pharmacy. The patient is our focus not ourselves,” and the end result for BioPlus patients, is a higher level of satisfaction.

What inspired BioPlus pharmacists in their career? For Dr. Heather Mulvihill, it was during college while she “worked as a clerk for a small retail pharmacy and the pharmacist was amazing: the way he cared for people and knew what meds they were taking without looking it up was inspiring. I wanted to be that person who knew what ‘Mr. N’ was talking about when he said he needed his purple eye drops.”

It really is all about heart. “One of the most satisfying things of being a pharmacist is being able to be involved in a patient’s care and make a difference in them achieving health and healing,” shares Dr. Maroulis. This career has brought him a satisfying mix of direct patient care, specialization, and science behind the medications BioPlus provides, all leading to positive healing outcomes for the patient.

Thank you BioPlus pharmacists for all you do!