BioPlus Appeals Team: Changing "No" to "Yes!"

Do you have patients with insurance denials? Here at BioPlus we regularly transform those “no’s” into happy patients and doctors. Our dedicated appeals team steps in to do the heavy lifting of insurance appeals for doctor offices. Letting you get back to what you do best: treating patients, instead of being bogged down in back-and-forth with insurance companies about denials.

BioPlus keeps plugging away even after initial – or even a few – denials. And in most cases we get approvals for the medication prescribed by the doctor. As one of the medical offices we work with shared their pleased surprise: “How did BioPlus get this done when the other specialty pharmacies can’t?” Simply put, we have an effective formula. Our team gathers the right data to submit successful appeals and we don’t give up!

Here’s what one medical office recently messaged us to say in amazement:

“You’ve gotten approvals for our patients who we feared were ‘hopeless cases’ with the strictest of insurance plans, who we thought would surely be impossible to get approved – and yet, there’s BioPlus: achieving the impossible, thank you!”

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