Hurricanes to Heat Domes: BioPlus Successfully Delivers Meds

Whether it’s Hurricane Elsa whipping up winds in Florida, the recent heat wave with mercury-busting temperatures out West, or anything in between, it can be a nail-biting experience for patients waiting on essential specialty medications during unusual weather events. But not for BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy patients.

With BioPlus on their side, patients can relax. Specialty medications will arrive to our patients on time and in safe condition, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Our pharmacy has contingency plans in place for potential natural disasters or other unforeseen events that could otherwise disrupt timely access to important prescriptions.

It might help that BioPlus, being headquartered in Florida, has weathered many hurricanes of our own and has experience enacting emergency plans so our local patients can stay compliant with their prescriptions, regardless of emergency conditions. This experience serves our patients well on a national basis: no matter the local emergency.

For example, with the lethal heat wave that affected most of the Western states last month, BioPlus medications were delivered safely. At all times we prepare our packages in a way that can withstand high temperatures so that specialty medications arrive stable and safe to use. In fact, we test every package design using a temperature monitor that tracks the temperature of a package every hour. After collecting this data, we evaluate the quality of our packages to be sure our packaging choices will sustain the medication.

Additionally, because we have regional pharmacies, if an area is ever affected by an emergency our operations can be shifted to a more stable part of the country to ensure uninterrupted service to patients.

For smooth sailing no matter what Mother Nature throws your way, refer to BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy and ensure medication delivery for you and your patients.