BioPlus Launches California-Based Specialty Pharmacy to Better Serve Local Communities

California patients and providers now have greater access to the ‘Power of 2’ promise as BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy expands with California-based specialty pharmacy services. 

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, a CarepathRx company, announced today the launch of its highly anticipated California-based specialty pharmacy.

“Now that BioPlus is in California, we are eager to serve state residents and the medical community with the insurance requirements of a ‘brick and mortar’ pharmacy within the state and really show Californians the Power of 2 difference!” said Elvin Montanez, Pharm.D., Chief Operations Officer at BioPlus. “Look for our ‘fast and easy’ service, with dedicated prior authorization and benefits investigation teams, who also have California-specific payer knowledge,” he added.

California’s transition from Medi-Cal managed care pharmacy services to Medi-Cal Rx (a fee-for-service benefit system) will affect large and often vulnerable patient populations. Fortunately, BioPlus’ knowledge and expertise about the unique payer landscape in California will help both patients and providers alike to navigate through the onboarding and delivery process. BioPlus Intake and Benefit Investigation teams are ready to guide providers and their patients through the necessary procedures to access critically-needed specialty medications to treat complex and chronic health conditions.

BioPlus’ Zubair Afzal, Pharm.D., a Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist and experiential facilitator of oncology programs at teaching institutions in the State, offers California providers specialized expertise to help them choose the appropriate medication treatment for their cancer patients. Dr. Afzal is also an executive committee member of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) where he assists local organizations to become involved with LLS and raises awareness for blood cancers.

Patients and healthcare providers across California will have greater access to BioPlus’ Power of 2: the first-of-its-kind 2 Hour, 2 Day, 2 Click, 2gether promise.

The patient onboarding journey starts with a 2 Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee, which ensures speedy notification to physician offices whether a referred patient is accepted for treatment or not. After acceptance, prescriptions move though our 2 Day Ready 2 Ship process. Throughout every step of this process, a BioPlus copay assistance team helps ensure that financial hardships don’t stand in the way of patient treatment. In fact, the BioPlus Financial Navigation™ program stands ready to help patients across California gain greater access to their specialty medications. In 2020, BioPlus patients received an average of $8,000 in financial assistance from outside sources to reduce patient out-of-pocket treatment costs.

Prescription refills take patients only 2 clicks of the keys on their computer or mobile device to refill qualifying prescriptions online. As an added benefit, the 2gether program means better treatment access with our partnerships with nonprofit foundations and donations to OneWorld Health.

BioPlus’ California-based specialty pharmacy access, which includes access for Medi-Cal patients, offers award-winning service. recognized BioPlus as one of the best online pharmacies of 2020. If you are a healthcare provider at any location throughout the United States who wants your patients to get on their medication therapy fast and easy, refer your patients to BioPlus.