BioPlus Acquires California-Based Santa Barbara Specialty Pharmacy

BioPlus Infusion Pharmacy, the first and only infusion pharmacy with individualized, high-touch Tailored 2 You™ services and support, announced today that it has acquired California-based Santa Barbara Specialty Pharmacy (SBSP). BioPlus Infusion will be able to service considerably more patients in California and across the U.S. through the acquisition, which was finalized in late April 2022

Founded by pharmacist Marcel Sassola, SBSP has provided patients throughout the U.S. with personalized care, access to specialty infusion medications, and comprehensive clinical and customer support for more than 15 years. Infusion pharmacists and nurses at SBSP have achieved Immunoglobulin National Society (IgNS) certification –– the only nationally-recognized certification for Ig pharmacists and nurses. This certification ensures that assessment, validation, and documentation of its Ig clinicians’ knowledge, skills and overall clinical competence meet the most stringent patient care requirements.

“Since BioPlus opened its doors over 30 years ago, our infusion patients and their providers could count on clinical excellence, improved medication access and the highest-quality patient experiences, tailored to them,” stated Elvin Montanez, Pharm D, and Chief Operating Officer of BioPlus. “As a pharmacy leader who has built out multiple specialty pharmacies, Mr. Sassola shares BioPlus’ long-term vision of meeting the high touch needs of patients with chronic conditions, such as blood disorders, with dignity and care. He and his team will continue to work with BioPlus to provide individualized infusion services and exceptional experiences within the reach of virtually every patient who needs us.”

“Each patient has a unique infusion journey; no two are the same. Since its inception, Santa Barbara Specialty Pharmacy has recognized the need for providing patients with more than simply medication fills; it was built on personalized care and attention,” according to Marcel Sassola, Founder and CEO of SBSP. “In BioPlus Infusion, we found the perfect partner in order to enhance patient clinical outcomes, while striving to optimize each patient’s quality of life. I am excited for the opportunity to join forces with BioPlus and the team. I believe that together, BioPlus and SBSP can reach those patients while further developing payer, manufacturer, and clinical trial partner relationships.”

SBSP is accredited by URAC in Specialty Pharmacy and has earned an ‘Exemplary Status’ accreditation in Home Infusion by the Compliance Team. As part of the BioPlus Infusion family, Santa Barbara Specialty Pharmacy will continue to operate under the same business name.

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