Finding a Path Through the Adherence Minefield

Better patient medication adherence means better patient outcomes. And partnering with the right specialty pharmacy will help get your patients closer to that goal of improved adherence.

Patients don’t miss the mark on adherence because they don’t care about their health. Rather, there are many hurdles that can inadvertently get in patients’ way when it comes to starting, taking, and completing a therapy plan.

Adherence challenges primarily fall into three main categories, according to one recent study:

1. Illness: onset of illness, duration of illness, symptoms, illness severity

2. Medication: adverse reactions, duration of treatment, cost of treatment

3. Patient: beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, self-stigma

This study went on to explain that there can’t be just a single solution to improving adherence. The best plan will rely on multiple interventions, with the common goal of supporting patient adherence.

The pharmacists and support staff at BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy understand this, which is why we’ve created a comprehensive plan that starts with clear and streamlined communication between the medical office, our specialty pharmacy, and your patients. Next, we’ve developed tools to manage compliance, so your office doesn’t need to get bogged down with treatment and side effect-related questions.

We all know that specialty medications require more patient education than other medications, particularly when it comes to how to take a medication, co-morbidities, and side effect management.

Patient education at BioPlus begins with our onboarding procedures that meet each patient where they are at, through email or text — whichever the patient prefers. The BioPlus Patient Onboarding Journey™ sends all patients a welcome message and additional communications to keep them informed throughout the benefit investigation and the prior authorization processes. Then we keep patients informed when an order is confirmed for shipment, while managing any outstanding consent forms and closing the loop with refill reminders at the appropriate times.

For doctors and staff, the BioPlus Patient Journeys result in fewer calls and reduces the administrative burden, while for patients this leads to increased patient engagement and better outcomes.

See how it feels to have an active partner in the specialty pharmacy process! Refer your patients to BioPlus today.