6 Tips to Improve Your Office’s EHR Game

Medical care requires a digital screen these days. The ongoing demands of EHR usage in medical offices brings both benefits and challenges – for example, see last month’s article How to Overcome ‘EHR Burnout’. It doesn’t have to be this way. EHR can fulfill its original promise of improving the experience of physicians, healthcare teams, and the patient.

Unfortunately, medical staff generally report frustration with the current usability of EHRs and when optimization efforts are implemented in the workplace, job satisfaction improves. In fact, better EHR usability brings a multitude of benefits including:

  • Less staff burnout
  • Fewer clinical errors
  • Better EHR adoption rates
  • Improved patient safety

What are some of the tried-and-true tips to optimize the EHR in a medical office?

  1. Take advantage of trainings and online resources from your EHR vendor.
  2. Automate tasks, when possible (examples: lab results, x-ray reports, and transcribed notes).
  3. Connect medical office EHR to health plans to minimize calls to outside organizations to gather data.
  4. Ease the ‘documentation burden’ on physicians by shifting responsibilities to medical assistants or medical scribes.
  5. Incorporate voice technology to lessen the time drain of date entry.
  6. Identify a few ‘EHR Superstars’ in your practice and tap their expertise to answer questions.

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