Patients Rank BioPlus #1 Among Independent Specialty Pharmacies

A recent survey of specialty pharmacies conducted by Zitter Health Insights awarded the #1 patient satisfaction ranking to BioPlus Specialty Pharmacyamong independent specialty pharmacies. 

BioPlus scored the highest of the top 12 surveyed independent specialty pharmacies in Zitter’s Specialty Pharmacy Patient Satisfaction Survey (Quarter 2, 2019). This ranking was based on a metric known as the ‘Net Promoter Score ™’ (NPS). NPS measures consumer loyalty and is considered an unbiased benchmark for patient loyalty. 

“Our mission is to make the patient experience fast and easy. Therefore, we take NPS very seriously. We are pretty proud of our score and continue to strive for patient satisfaction day after day. The 5-point increase from the NPS in the Q1 2019 survey helps us feel good about the work we’re doing,” explains Stephen Vogt, Pharm.D., CEO of BioPlus. This NPS score places BioPlus at the top of the pack, leading some of the most notable specialty pharmacies. 

Nobody can say it better than the actual BioPlus patients included in this survey, who shared what they valued from BioPlus, including: “excellent, reliable service. Knowledgeable and professional staff, who are easy to work with. Financial aid provided is especially appreciated.” It’s not surprising, then, that the majority of current BioPlus patients (77%) feel very loyal to BioPlus and would be “very unhappy” if they were forced to change from BioPlus to a different specialty pharmacy. 

Nine out of ten BioPlus patients receive their medication refills within just three days – which is 14% greater than the overall industry average. “Sure, this score gives us some bragging rights, however, our greatest satisfaction comes in seeing patients get on therapy quickly and easily. We’re faster than other pharmacies, which stems from our first-of-its-kind 2-hour, 2-day, 2-click promises,” shares Nicholas Maroulis, Pharm.D., Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Services. 

Our service model starts with the 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee™, which ensures notification to physician offices in less than two hours whether a referred patient is accepted for treatment or not. After that, prescriptions move though our 2-Day Ready 2 Ship™ process. Throughout every step, our copay assistance team helps ensure that financial hardships don’t stand in the way of patient treatment. And, it takes patients only 2-clicks to refill their qualifying prescriptions online. 

Zitter Health Insights Specialty Pharmacy Patient Satisfaction Survey covers the time period of Quarter 2, 2019 and was based on 4,000 patients in at least 10 therapeutic areas at the top 12 specialty pharmacies. 

If you are a healthcare provider who wants your patients to receive the highest level of patient satisfaction during their medication therapy, refer your patients to BioPlus.