Prior Authorization Expertise: Getting Patients to the Goal Line

Medical professional writing information

Payers use the prior authorization process to determine if a prescribed medication will be covered and paid by the plan. Unfortunately, prior authorization issues contribute to the vast majority of care delays, notes a recent article. The confounding issue is that the prior authorization process requires a cross-over of skills that combine paperwork, clinical expertise, and finance.

BioPlus makes it a priority to assist with resolving prior authorization obstacles for all of our patients and their medical offices. It’s part of our ‘Power of 2’ promise that streamlines the path for getting specialty medications from the prescription pad to the patient’s door. We know how important a timely start to treatment is for patients – and we make it our goal to get quick prior authorizations and (if needed) fast appeals for patients and their physicians.

You can count on BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy to bring the necessary expertise in navigating prior authorizations. BioPlus understands how important it is to remove barriers faced by medical staff so that patients can start therapy. If you’re looking for a smoother path for you and your patients, refer to BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy.