e-Prescribing ‘For The Win’

Pharmacist reviewing order

The future of electronic prescribing is now. It’s clear that eRx offers an important way to improve both the quality of patient care and patient safety. In a recent blog on MedPage Today, Fred Pelzman, M.D., a primary care physician at Weill Cornell in New York paints a frustrating picture of a typical interaction between a healthcare provider and a pharmacy without e-prescribing.

It all starts with:

“… receiving a fax, having to hand-sign page after page of orders, and then having somebody from our office fax it back to the company -- followed by a fax from them telling us we had done it wrong, do it again. Or followed in rapid-fire succession with multiple other faxes saying second request, third request, fourth request, ‘urgent -- please reply immediately.’”

Sounds exhausting. There’s got to be a better way, right? There is and it’s essentially just a click away.

With an eRx, many of these extraneous things in Dr. Pelzman’s description instead happen nearly seamlessly. As Dr. Pelzman goes on to explain: submitting a prescription through an eRx tool keeps the prescription moving along – without the paperwork hassle and potential misunderstandings.

The technology is already in place for e-prescribing. It’s clearly the superior way to efficiently move patients on the journey from diagnosis to the start of treatment, as well as ongoing continuity of care.

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