We Can Get Further, 2gether

Specialty pharmacies exist to get specialty medications to patients facing serious medical treatments. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the story. You can choose a specialty pharmacy partner that takes patient care – and patient access to care – even further.

After getting ‘job #1’ done, that is, making sure patients and providers have the fastest and easiest way to start and stay on treatment, BioPlus knew there was more to be done. That’s when our 2gether program was born.

As we always have, we partner with public nonprofit foundations to connect patients with funding opportunities, as well as connect patients with drug manufacturer programs for high-cost medication assistance. Our 2gether program takes it further. For every referral we receive, BioPlus donates one life-saving antibiotic to OneWorld Health, a nonprofit organization that builds self-sustaining medical centers in developing countries.

Here in the U.S., 2gether means securing non-profit patient assistance that eases patient financial burdens. BioPlus’ financial assistance team works tirelessly to connect patients with these funding sources. And for patients around the world, 2gether means partnering with OneWorld Health to provide essential antibiotics to seriously ill patients outside the U.S.

2gether means that for every patient referred to BioPlus, both local and global health care gets just a little bit more accessible. Better treatment access happens when we work together with non-profit charity partners; each referral aids both the local and global community. Referring your patients to BioPlus not only gives your patients the finest in specialty pharmacy care, but helps patients locally, as well as around the world.

With BioPlus as your partner, it’s always easy to refer and fast to start (and stay on) treatment.

See what’s possible when we work 2gether!