Get the Digital Touch

Hands holding a smart phone with pill/medications in background on counter.

Sometimes a specialty pharmacy can be even more hands-on by offering digital touchpoints for patients. At least that’s what BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy finds with our patients.


In the past, high-touch healthcare generally called for in-person meetings and telephone/voice contact. Today, being high-touch increasingly relies on digital tools that put the patient in the driver’s seat to choose the best way for them to engage in their own healthcare management.


Digital tools include communication with patients via text, email, and dedicated patient portals as alternative routes for filling and refilling specialty medications. At BioPlus, patients select the communication channel that suits them and research confirms that patient engagement increases with these methods, while medication compliance remains high. Of course, contact is still available via a traditional phone call if a patient prefers.

The patient digital experience at BioPlus starts with a Patient Onboarding Journey™ in which a patient can select their preference of email or text communications. This journey opens with a welcome message and then additional communications arrive to keep patients informed throughout the benefit investigation and the prior authorization processes. As soon as the medication is confirmed for shipment, the patient is notified of that important step. Then any outstanding consent forms also are resolved. Finally, we close the loop by including refill reminders at the appropriate times. Qualified medications can be refilled with just two clicks.


BioPlus offers another set of digital touch points, called Patient Medication Journeys™, for patients taking specific medications that could encounter treatment continuation challenges. For example, the Journey for Otezla® (a drug that is particularly challenging for patients to stay on therapy) takes patients through numerous personalized digital interactions based on timely and relevant education about the medication. The journey has proven to keep patients on therapy at higher rates.

For prescribers and staff, the BioPlus Patient Journeys reduce the number of patient calls seeking updates and reduces the administrative burden, while for patients this leads to increased patient engagement and better outcomes.


An active partnership between patients, prescribers, and the specialty pharmacy empowers patients and supports optimal outcomes. Give your patients results-driven digital touch and support, refer to BioPlus today.